One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, and tens of thousands of stillbirths occur each year. Every person involved experiences unspeakable grief.

How do they find hope? How does a parent who has lost a baby heal?

My name is Oree Wyatt. I earned Eagle Scout last summer when I was sixteen years old. I am a home educated senior and will graduate in 2013.

A couple years ago, my Dad told me about the sorrow people experience when they lose an unborn baby. Wanting to help those hurting, I saw the potential for my B.S.A. Eagle Project.

Every counselor and support group leader that I spoke to emphasized the healing power of a tangible memorial. Such a memorial allows people to contemplate, reflect, and find peace.

A Memorial to the Unborn serves as a pathway to closure. This beautiful granite monument and bench were designed to draw people closer to God and thus closer to healing.

What began as establishing a tangible memorial to the unborn, God grew to include a pamphlet, a video, a website, and the distribution of the pamphlet and DVD with the video. Every step of the way was bathed in prayer by over 100 Prayer Partners in my e-mail blast.

The pamphlet encourages those who have lost an unborn child to visit the memorial and the website, memorialtotheunborn.com, for more healing resources.

The website has an interactive map to the memorial at Sunset Memorial Park in Norman, OK; contact information for several support groups in central Oklahoma; and relevant scriptures, literature, and websites.

The 5 minute video included on the website is a professional production that stirs the heart as it encourages those grieving to visit A Memorial to the Unborn to find closure.

Over 600 telephone calls were made to churches and maternity hospitals in the Cleveland, McClain, OK, and Pottawatomie counties to gather information regarding support groups and literature. To provide these front line counsellors with resources to encourage hurting parents to visit the memorials, almost 650 copies of the pamphlet and DVD of the video were mailed.

God has provided over $21,000 worth of resources for this project, including almost $4,000 in cash donations which allowed the project to be completed as budgeted.

In amazing ways, God has provided the most talented people to help the project idea become reality.

Over 50 people were instrumental in implementing this project by volunteering over 600 man hours during the past 6 months. Their time was spread across several teams: memorial, pamphlet, website, DVD, research and distribution, fundraising, and dedication ceremony. Without such committed family, friends and Scouts, this project would not have been completed on schedule.

Professional Partners included a published song writer, an artist, a nationally acclaimed business coach, a web designer, and a regional Emmy award winning videographer. At the inception of the project, I had no idea I would be blessed by the involvement of such dedicated and talented professionals.

Business Partners included Spectrum Media, R.K. Black, and Marianne’s Rentals which allowed discounts for their services. Ada Custom Memorials sold the granite pieces at their cost. Primrose Funeral Home donated the printing of the pamphlets and the distribution postage, while Sunset Memorial Park donated land for the memorial. The University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication provided the equipment and facilities necessary to produce the amazing video that is on the website and distributed as a DVD.

The professional and business partners allowed the project to be of high quality.

For many of those involved in the project, this was a labor of love. I was touched by their commitment and the many stories of unborn babies. Some had already found closure; others found closure through their involvement in A Memorial to the Unborn.

Everyone involved labored with the desire to help those hurting to have resources for healing and a peaceful, tangible memorial to their loss.

With great joy, I humbly offer the Memorial to the Unborn resources to God and to all those He would bring to it for healing.