Find Healing for the Loss of Your Unborn Child

Are you experiencing the anguish of losing an unborn child?

How do you find healing for your grief?

Part of the search for healing is reflecting on God’s purpose in allowing you to walk through this painful valley. To help you in your search for healing, a granite Memorial to the Unborn has been established in Sunset Memorial Park to provide you with a secluded, peaceful sanctuary for reflection and prayer. The memorial is offered to you to help you draw closer to God, to your loved ones, and to yourself. Find peace and solace in this beautiful, touching oasis.

On this website, you can find a video discussing the healing power of a tangible memorial, an interactive map to the memorial in Norman, OK, contact information for support groups in the OKC metro area and online, and a list of relevant literature.

It is our prayer that these resources help bring you through your grief to healing.


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